Styling Your Coffee Table Like an Interior Designer

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Styling Your Coffee Table Like an Interior Designer

by | Nov 15, 2022 | Interior Decoration, Interior Design, Interior Styling

Let’s talk all things coffee table decor. One of the more challenging (but also my favorite!) aspects of design is completing a room with beautiful accessories. Just like design, styling accessories is about finding the balance of just the right combination of scale, material, and color. It may seem easy but it can take a trained eye to source the perfect items and then arrange them so they work cohesively. Here are a few tips and rules to help you get your coffee table styled just right!

Giving contrast to your space, the Parker Coffee Table anchors the room with its construction and design. Its white marble table top and metal frame create subtle visual weight, bringing an element of stability to the room with a simple, contemporary design that emphasizes material and line. | McGee & Co. | Parker Coffee Table             studio mcgee end table decor - Google Search

  Image courtesy of Studio Mcgee             Image courtesy of Amber Interiors

Once you have found the perfect coffee table for your space it’s time to fill in that blank top with items that best reflect your style and the overall aesthetic of your home. Below are some guidelines to follow when beginning this process: 

  • Scale – The size of your coffee table can help determine what and how much decor is appropriate. A large coffee table is going to call for larger scale items to help fill the space.  And regardless of the table size you don’t want to over clutter the top with lots of small accessories. Pay attention to the size and scale of the items you are using and how they balance with the size and scale of your table.
  • Material – For example, if your table has a marble top you don’t want to then put a marble vessel on it as those are the same materials. Or if your table is metal, you wouldn’t want to use a metal tray for the same reason. A wood or woven tray would be best to contrast the metal. Make sure you are mixing the materials and textures for the perfect balance.
  • Color – If the top of the table is dark then you don’t want to layer in with all dark accessories. You want to contrast the table top color with other tones to achieve more depth and dimension. This way your accessories will “pop”.
When selecting your accessories, here are some easy rules to follow to help you collect the best assortment.
  • Begin with a larger item as a focal point. This could be a vase, planter or jar that has height and grounds the look by adding visual weight. Don’t feel like you have to have plants or flowers in this piece year round although it’s fun to do this for holidays or special occasions!  An interesting vase can also stand alone similar to a piece of sculpture.
  • Next you want to add in other accessories while remembering the guidelines above. Add a tray or bowl and, of course, you can never go wrong with stacks of coffee table books!
  • Lastly you can add in smaller objects to complete the look. This could be anything from decorative beads, a small sculptural piece, trinket box or candle stacked on top of the books or a tray.
  • It may take some arranging and rearranging to get just the right combination so don’t be afraid to play around with your items and edit things out if it’s feeling like too much or certain items aren’t working. And remember to mix textures like metal, rattan, wood, and stone so your accessories don’t all feel the same and visually fall flat.

Click images to shop these coffee table accessories below!

Seagrass Wrapped Glass Vase  

At HomeTali Polished Onyx Object (Open Larger View)

70 White Bone Beads: Handmade Bone Beads Kenya Bone Beads image 4Vintage Rice Wine Pot


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